Exam 3 Guide

Posted on 28/11 by bruceholl

RUSS 3305/ML&L 3340 Exam 3: Gogol & Chekhov
In class, Friday, December 1, 2017
Bring a blue book, write with a pen
You will write one essay for each author. As always, cite specific details and examples from the text.


1. Argue that Gogol's play includes social criticism. Tell me which government officials, government institutions and private individuals institutions he criticizes and which crimes and vices he identifies.


2. Argue that Gogol is not primarily a social critic but rather is exposing more universal elements of the human condition. Focus on his literary techniques. You may refer to the concepts provided on the course web site.

II Chekhov

1. Argue that Chekhov is the last author of classical 19th century Russian literature, bringing to a conclusion the narratives of previous authors that we have read in the course.


2. Argue that Chekhov is the first author of the 20th century, using techniques and presenting a worldview that are a departure from classical 19th century Russian realism.


3. Argue that Chekhov is questioning a number of ideas and philosophies presented by Tolstoy.