Exam 2 Study Guide

Posted on 01/11 by bruceholl

RUSS 3305/ML&L 3340 Exam 2: Tolstoy
In class, Friday, November 3
You will write an essay about two of the following subjects.
Bring a blue book, write with a pen

What are some of the issues facing families? How does Tolstoy address them? What views does he express?

How does Tolstoy address the role of women in society and the unique problems faced by women?

What are Tolstoy's views on the economic state of the country, its future development, the relationship of the classes after the liberation of the serfs?

What literary techniques does Tolstoy use? What are some of the features of his writing?

How does Tolstoy treat the subject of religion and spirituality?

What are some of the psychological insights that Tolstoy provides?

What are Tolstoy's views of art as expressed in the novel?